WHEN THERE’S LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL, the first question we need to ask is: Why did we get into the tunnel in the first place? Whether we got pushed into the tunnel by fate and a cruel one at that (like Covid 19 and Odette), or we recklessly got there by our own doing, there’s that powerful source of courage, determination and hope that will propel us onwards. It’s called faith. And whether that faith is grounded on someone else, some thing or an unseen power, I leave that up to you.

This month’s PMMO celebrates our universal faith in all that’s good in this life. From a team that always has your back, to an organization that never gives up on its people no matter the price it has to pay, to our own loved ones who steadfastly stay devoted and committed, to an Almighty God whose love is unfaltering, take stock of your own faith. Most importantly, let us be that person in the mirror asking: Do I deserve your faith? How can I keep it? Realizations come aplenty!

Editor-in-Chief, PMMO

Full content of People Manager Magazine Online – March 2022

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