And it’s time for REBIRTH 6.0! After last year’s first in-person conference after punishing pandemic, CO-REGENERATION continues to celebrate the core of meaningful and transformative change that the times require, or even dictate.

Over a thousand delegates from all over the country will be at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, and hundreds more online, to celebrate the Annual Conference’s 60th Alongside today’s urgent geo-political turmoils impacting all facets of life across the globe, people managers will tackle urgencies as Millennials and Gen Zs take on the growing majority of leadership roles Xers.

As uncertainties and urgencies hover, we turn to LEARNING as a most potent tool to gain fresh perspectives, better tools, and a powerful community of professionals to help keep us relevant, empowered and committed to the passion for people management!

For reference, you may read and download the file below:

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