Dear PMAP members,

During the September board meeting, Secretary Lily Quintans proposed that the PMAP membership categories be limited to A. Charter, B. Corporate, C. Chapter and D. Individual.  The Advocate membership classification will be abolished. Under the by laws, an advocate is any individual or institution which registers itself formally to avail of specific services of the Association, abiding with the requirements and rules for purposes of availment.

The membership fees will be P10,000.00 per year for corporate and chapter members and P7,000.00 per year for individual members.

In this regard, we are inviting you for consultations on Nov. 8, 15 & 22 (Online Via Zoom).

The ratification date is Nov. 29, 2023, together wiht the election of 2024 PMAP officers and trustees.

Attached are PMAP by laws and proxy form.

For reference, you may read and download the file below:

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