The Philippine Society of Fellows (PSOF) is an affiliated body in PMAP that offers opportunities for further professional growth of individual HRM practitioners. Membership into the PSOF requires thw fulfillment of certain sets of professional standards and accomplishments. Professional titles of Diplomate in People Management (DPM),Fellow in People Management (FPM), or Associate Fellow in People Management (AFPM) are conferred strictly to HRM practitioners only, by the PSOF through its Accreditation Council, in recognition of their level of professional competence.


To promote professional development of members and to strengthen and continuously upgrade the competencies of the human resource professionals.

To instill professionalism by promoting an awareness among members for upholding and adhering to high standards of professional competence, conduct integrity in their practice of human resource management.

To provide professional resource, leadership, and motivation in the fields of human resource management to other members of Personnel Management Association of the Philippines or other practitioners or students of human resource management.

To strengthen the professional ties among members of the Society and to establish and maintain links with other professional organizations, local or international, with a common aspiration for developing and sustaining professionalism in the practice of human resource management.

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  • Thank you PMAP for the hard work that you put in this first and once in a lifetime virtual convention! Good job.

    Luzviminda Batiancila

    P&a Supervisor

  • Registration online and opening of individual accounts are a little bit confusing especially to those who are not so techy, but yet, it’s efficient, organized, and systematic

    Shashyr David

    Shared Services

  • Great to know that PMAP have been able to adjust well in the new arrangements for events. Keep it up! What I like the most is you used a website/portal to make this well-organized

    Carlos Pedro Salonga

    Head - Human Resources And Administration

  • Thank you for this webinar. The presentations were great and I gained additional knowledge that I can practice in the workplace.

    Pilar Genebelle Moreno

    Head Of Human Resource Management

  • Excellent organization and event management, truly PMAP is the best Congratulations!

    Ever Labiang

    Training Officer