Truth is, we never left. PMMO welcomes 2022 PMAP President Ellen C. Fullido as our Trustee and adviser and the indefatigable JV Wong as we join the Media and Communications Committee (MACC). This is us growing as we aim to serve you by bringing you more relatable, relevant and engaging content both with our online magazine and our OnCam episodes. Join us for the kick-off on March 16th with JV’s learning session on How to Make Your Audience Virtually Ignited at 12:30PM, an exciting and enriching lead-in for our first OnCam episode of the year: Keep Faith. Catch us live via FB or YouTube.

We’re also starting with our new Get Pulsed! Q&A where you can share with us your thoughts. The Top 5 most unique insights are then featured here at PMMO. In other words, we really really want you to get more involved. We’re on the lookout for 250-word articles that offer fresh perspectives about concerns, urgencies and advocacies we as HR practitioners need to discover and act on. So here’s a shoutout to all writers. Besides, our succession planning here at PMMO depends on you!

Editor-in-Chief, PMMO

Full content of People Manager Magazine Online – January – February 2022

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