PMAP turned 65 just this past October and we share in the celebration with our three-in-one special PMMO edition! The last quarter on PMM On-Cam (our live monthly broadcast over YouTube and Facebook) has highlighted Communication (specifically Languages and Storytelling) while also observing Mental Health Month. The responses have been heartwarming and we sincerely thank you for the support through all these months.

This edition, just like your trusty 3-in-1 hot beverage, also gives you an enriching ‘taste’ of what are still to come including a comprehensive reference when you choose your bet for our country’s leadership posts next year, and tips on how to crisis-proof your HR career. I hope this is going to be a worthwhile read as you continue to take care of yourself and stay healthy in mind, heart and spirit. Maraming salamat po!

Editor-in-Chief, PMMO

Full content of People Manager Magazine Online – August – October 2021

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