WE DON’T HAVE AUTUMN OR FALL here in the Philippines, but we at People Manager Magazine Online (PMMO) have come with two versions of your online magazine. One is the single file PDF so you can have your e-copy emailed to you direct, or you may choose to cherry pick the article that’s most meaningful to you (or at least one that catches your fancy) by sharing the standalone pages through PMAP’s social media pages. Yes, our version of loose leaves that are not exclusive to fall or summer but those that shall come your way through your favorite socmed routes (we’re not yet on Threads but we hope we will be soon if you’re already there because we don’t mind following you too).

Crafted for the people manager, the HR practitioner, or even the reading sophisticate in you, we really hope you can take a much bigger involvement with PMMO; our online show version PMAP On-Cam; and our new podcast People Watch (available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you catch your favorite podcasts. As always, we thrive on your support. Thank you!

For reference, you may read and download the file below:

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