The months of May and June have been terribly busy for the BMC Team of PMAP.  For those who actually noticed, we missed giving you the PMMO May issue although it has been in the can midway June.  My sincerest apologies for this.

We hope to make it up by sharing with you our back-to-back issues for May and June. The articles are as fresh as they were a month or two back and they are as relevant still. We’re paying homage to the incredible working moms of our lives and that never gets old. We’re also joining the discussion on whether we’re all set to go back to the workplace as we accept the reality that we may have to co-exist with the virus for a little more time.

Let’s take comfort though with the truth that we have choices to make. That whether we prefer one option to the other, the final say has to be ours. Let’s just hope and pray that whatever it is, it’s the best one for us.

Editor-in-Chief, PMMO

Full content of People Manager Magazine Online – May 2021

Full content of People Manager Magazine Online – June 2021

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