Dear PMAPers,

As stewards of our planet, it is imperative for us to take collective action in addressing the pressing issues of environmental conservation and sustainability. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce our support for Earth Hour 2024, scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 23, from 8:30 PM until 9:30 PM.

This year’s global theme for Earth Hour is “Give an Hour for Earth.” It encapsulates the belief that each and every one of us possesses the power to make a positive impact on our planet. By participating in Earth Hour, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to environmental advocacy and contribute to a sustainable future.

We encourage all PMAP members to join this global movement by reducing and turning off non-essential lights for one hour this Saturday evening. By doing so, we not only conserve energy but also raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection and the need for collective action.

Together, let us show our dedication to environmental sustainability and inspire others to do the same. Your participation in Earth Hour 2024 will serve as a testament to our collective responsibility towards the well-being of our planet.

Thank you for your kind attention and participation. Let us unite in making a difference for Earth.


CSR Committee