60th PMAP


October 25-27, 2023

The 60th PMAP Annual Conference with the theme PMAP 6.0 Rebirth which will be held on October 25-27, 2023, at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, aims to address the following:

post-pandemic recovery & growth momentum

PEOPLE FIRST philosophy as a valid business model

New frameworks, programs, practices, technologies to meet the accelerated pace of changes

Future workplaces with AI and regenerating PMAP and the HR profession

New social phenomena; from quiet quitting to conscious consumerism, to eco-anxiety, digital minimalism, self-care, etc.

Hyper-personalization/ hyper-humanization: upskilling. reskilling, DEI, experience, and engagement


Whether you’re in Cebu or in the comfort of your home, this year’s conference will bring you everything you’ve come to love.

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    Networking and engagement activities before the date of the conference

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    Connect with the event sponsors.

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    Win exciting prizes during the minor and MAJOR raffles!

As we celebrate our 60th Annual Conference, we call on all
People Managers to:

60th PMAP Annual Conference SDE

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Join our 61st PMAP Annual Conference now!

Whether you’re in Iloilo or in the comfort of your home, this year’s conference will bring you everything you’ve come to love! Click here to learn more!



Read Our Reviews

  • Thank you PMAP for the hard work that you put in this first and once in a lifetime virtual convention! Good job.

    Luzviminda Batiancila

    P&a Supervisor

  • Registration online and opening of individual accounts are a little bit confusing especially to those who are not so techy, but yet, it’s efficient, organized, and systematic

    Shashyr David

    Shared Services

  • Great to know that PMAP have been able to adjust well in the new arrangements for events. Keep it up! What I like the most is you used a website/portal to make this well-organized

    Carlos Pedro Salonga

    Head - Human Resources And Administration

  • Thank you for this webinar. The presentations were great and I gained additional knowledge that I can practice in the workplace.

    Pilar Genebelle Moreno

    Head Of Human Resource Management

  • Excellent organization and event management, truly PMAP is the best Congratulations!

    Ever Labiang

    Training Officer