Leadership Development for Supervisor and Managers in the New Normal

Event Date:

May 20, 2024

Event Time:

1:00 pm

Event Location:

Online via Zoom

Date: May 20 – 21, 2024 Time: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Fee: Php 3,500.00 – Member + 12% VAT | Php 4,500.00 + 12% VAT – Non Member

Course Objective:

The Covid19 pandemic and the eventual forced quarantine abruptly changed people’s mindsets and  paradigms on work and much more on leadership. Managing people is dynamic. We are in the  precarious stage of adapting and adopting the new normal and it will drastically affect organization  cultures. We need to adapt the antidote to this ultimate disruption and enhance leadership  interventions considering the stressed multi-generational workforce. 

There is a need to enhance managerial leadership skills while we transition to the new normal. A lot of  those who rose from the ranks are suddenly confronted with the challenges of leading and supervising  in this uncertain time. There are also managers who need to change management styles and address  the evolving workplace culture. 

This seminar shop shall: 

  • Enable participants to learn the effects of the pandemic or VUCA in organizations and come  up with strategic leadership approaches.  
  • Enable participants to develop advanced supervisory and managerial competencies in  engaging and energizing their employees while we transition to the new normal.
  • Enable participants to widen knowledge on management and become effective leaders. 

Course Outline:

I. Understanding the New Normal

      • 1. Effects of the Covid19 pandemic
      • 2. Navigating in the New Normal and VUCA Environment 
      • 3. EQ and AQ

II. Unlocking Mindsets and Creating Value

      • 1. Developing New Leadership Competencies
      • 2. Be, Being, Becoming
      • 3. New Normal Mindsets, Roles and Presence

III. New Concepts and Styles in Leading

      • 1. Navigating Paradoxes
      • 2. Step Back Leadership
      • 3. Inordinate Attachment
      • 4. Conflict Resolution
      • 5. Transformational Leadership
      • 6. Kapwa Management
      • 7. Culture of Discipline
      • 8. Resilience and Crisis Management

IV. New Engagement Approaches and Interventions 

      • 1. Persuasive Communication
      • 2. Mentoring and Coaching
      • 3. Civility

V. Decision Making and Objective Setting  

VI. Connecting Corporate MVVO to Personal MVVO 

VII. Dealing with Diverse Workforce.

      • 1. Generational
      • 2. Gender

VIII. Common Problems in Leadership

      • 1. Performance and Productivity
      • 2. Credibility
      • 3. Accountability
      • 4. Time and Stress Management
      • 5. Problem Employees and Employees Problems
      • 6. Conflict Resolution 

IX. Nuts and Bolts in Leadership

      • 1. Meetings, Instructions, Grapevine
      • 2. Politics, Power Base, Competitive Edge
      • 3. Reporting and Monitoring, Employee Discipline 

X. Action Planning

      • 1. Leading in the Internet
      • 2. Purposive Transformation 
      • 3. Commitments

XI. Action Planning

      • 1. Positive Emotions
      • 2. Happy at Work 


      • –The webinar will be blended using both online learning activities and live teleconferencing. There will be  lecture–discussion, individual exercises, group activities, individual sharing, interaction, role plays, games and feedback.


      • –2 days for 4 hours each day.


Mr. Jesse Francis N. Rebustillo, FPM
HR and Training Consultant, ILO, ECOP, PMAP


For other queries, you may contact Ms. Lalaine Benitez at laine.benitez@pmap.org.ph 

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • Online via Zoom

Event Schedule Details

  • May 20, 2024 1:00 pm   -   May 21, 2024 5:00 pm
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