People Program of the Year

Objective of the Award
The People Program of the Year (PPY) Award is given to a company for its relevant, unique, innovative and/or cutting-edge program, which is designed to provide meaningful contribution and enhance or improve employer-employee relations or meet a specific need of the company.

The Program must be in place for at least two (2) years at the time of the nomination and may be in any of the following areas:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management and Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Organizational Development
  • Labor Relations

Criteria for the Award

  1. Relevance of the Program to the Employee (35%) - How the program has aligned with the strategic directions of the company, how it meets its specific need, and the value and/or meaning to its employees.
  2. Impact to the Organization (35%) - As evidenced by quantifiable results, how the program substantially helped in improving the economic, organizational health, social and / or aesthetic standards of the Company and its important stakeholders.
  3. Uniqueness/Innovativeness of the Program (15%) - Description of the unique, innovative, cutting-edge people program and how it was designed to meet a specific need of the Company and its employees.
  4. Program Implementation (15%) - Corporate actions undertaken to ensure and sustain the successful implementation of the program – looking at success as well as difficulties surmounted in instituting the program.

Rules of the Award

  1. Nominations are open to all companies nationwide including those not presently a PMAP corporate member.
  2. A Nomination shall be endorsed by either a PMAP member of good standing or by a member of any nationally-recognized organization (such as the Jaycees, Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions, PCCI, ECOP, Industry and Functional Groups, etc.).
  3. For past EOY winners, program nominated for PPY must be totally new and unique.
  4. Previous People Program of the Year nominees may again be nominated for the same category provided there is a two (2)-year gap between the date of the last nomination (e.g. a company that vied for the award in 2016 may only be nominated in 2019). 
  5. Previous People Program of the Year winners may again be nominated for the same category provided there is a five (5)-year gap between the date of the last award and the date for this year’s nomination.
  6. The accomplished Nomination Form must be received by the Chairperson of the Awards Committee on or before 30 April 2016. All eligible Nominees will be notified and then requested to submit the write-up about the program entry.
  7. The PMAP Award Committee reserves the right to validate all claims officially presented by the nominees.
  8. The Board of Judges composed of distinguished men and women will deliberate on the merits of each of the nomination and select the final winners of the awards.
  9. Should there be inconsistencies established which may materially affect the integrity of the nomination due notice of the appropriate action to be taken by the committee shall be sent to the contact person.
  10. The PMAP Board of Directors shall confirm the decision of the Board of Judges, which shall be final and unappealable.
  11. The Awards Committee, Board of Judges and PMAP Board Directors will not entertain or answer any requests for clarification from non-winners.

Download the Nomination Form HERE
Deadline of Submission of Accomplished Nomination Form: 31 March 2017

Download the Data Form HERE

Deadline of Submission of Accomplished Data Form: 31 May 2017




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