• Recruits and conducts orientation to new members about JPMAP as an organization;
  • Organizes promotional activities that will enhance the reputation, integrity and existence of JPMAP;
  • Prepares and maintains documents, records and other related materials; and
  • Entertains inquiries, comments, suggestions and complaints from the JPMAP members.

Training & Development 

  • Organizes and facilitates academic activities through seminars and learning sessions; and
  • Coordinates with the Research and Publication Committee concerning new concepts related to People Management matters.

Fellowship & Sports

  • Organizes and executes activities such as but not limited to Acquaintance Party, Christmas Party, Environmental Awareness, Outreach, and Institutional Visits; and Coordinates with the NC Committee regarding Fellowship Night activities. 

Research and Development

  • Gathers and disseminates new concepts, information, programs, practices and innovations in any subject matter related to People Management.
  • Coordinates with the Training Committee in the dissemination of learning concepts and People Management practices.
  • Prepares and distributes circulars, newsletters, special reports and other pertinent materials

Ways and Means 

  • Organizes and executes fund-raising activities or projects that will help JPMAP to be a self-sustaining association.
  • Prepares financial report for each undertaking to be submitted to the JPMAP Treasurer two weeks after the end of each activity, and to present said report to the members during the General Membership Meeting.
  • Helps the National Conference Committee in sourcing for Sponsors for the event.

National Convention

  • Plans, organizes and implements the required activities in the conduct of the conference.
  • Crafts the conference theme and finalizes the schedule, venue and program, line-up of resource speakers and guests, and other logistical requirements.
  • Submits a post conference evaluation and liquidation report.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Plans, organizes and implements the required activities that would benefit the marginalized people in the community.
  • Partners with other non-government organization in creating activities that focuses on environment, livelihood, medical and other social programs.
  • Submits a post event evaluation and liquidation report.
  • Training Educators and Advocates for Corporate HR Program

Marketing and Creatives

  • Does the posters, graphics and visuals in JPMAP’s networking sites and collaterals during the event.
  • Advertise JPMAP in innovative and creative ways. 
  • Helps the Research and Publication Committee in producing The Torch, official publication of JPMAP. 




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